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Women's Leggings

WOD Gear has a great selection of women’s leggings, women's crops, and women's running tights. When it comes to quality, nothing beats the WOD Gear combo of high quality manufacturing at a price you can afford. Leggings from WOD Gear are tough enough even for the toughest workout.

Leggings are more than just a workout staple they are a part of mainstream fashion too. But the leggings you wear under a skirt aren't necessarily the same ones you want to wear during a workout. Regular leggings generally aren't tough enough to withstand the challenge of squats and snatches. WOD Gear leggings are made of tough, quality material so that they can more than handle whatever exercise you participate in.

All of our leggings, running tights, and womens crops are made of a 4 way stretch material that give you ultimate movement flexibility and also offer support where you need it. The body of the material is 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex while the lining is 96% Nylon and 4% Spandex. The team at WOD gear has worked hard to find the perfect balance of stretch and hold in a material that will provide flexibility but won't over-stretch easily. We have worked to find the most durable fabrics available and manufacture almost all of our products right here in the United States.

Our running tights and leggings are great for CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates and running because they will stay in place during even the toughest workouts and still look great afterwards. On top of that, they offer protection to your shins during dead lifts and flash protection during toes to bar and rowing.

Women's Crops

WOD Gear women's fitted crops are great for Yoga and other holistic workouts because they give you full range of motion while simultaneously providing support. Our crops for women are made of a thick, durable material so you know that they won't show through or risk ripping during a downward facing dog.

Whatever your workout of choice our quality leggings can even help aid in muscle recovery. The compression material encourages blood circulation and has been found to result in a faster rebound after a lengthy exercise. And that's something that every athlete can use. The last thing that you want after you push yourself is to find that it takes you longer to recover before your next workout.

Womens Running Tights

And don't forget the most common use of our womens leggings: running. WOD Gear leggings and crops make great running tights. They have plenty of stretch but also great compression and hold. On cold days they will even keep you much warmer than regular sweats or jogging pants.

Whether you need leggings for CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates or any other athletic endeavor the leggings from WOD Gear can't be beat. They have the fit, style, and colors to help you show off your stylish physique. Our crops come in several great colors, and these stylish cuts tend to be our best sellers for women. Want more, why not go for some of our Women's Workout Shorts.

And while all of these benefits are great what you'll really love is how great you look in them. You are working hard to get and stay in shape, why not choose pants that will show that off? Our womens leggings, womens running tights and womens crops are all designed with a women's body in mind and are cut to flatter your figure.

Check out the entire line of women's leggings from WOD Gear; We bet you'll be hooked from your first pair.