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Our Vision

We at WOD Gear feel it is important for us to share our Team “vision” and our hearts so you will then be able to make the decision if Team WOD Gear would be the right fit for you. At the end of the day we want to build a “community” of individuals that fall under the Team WOD Gear banner. In this community there are 3 levels of individual...all being equal in person but at different skill levels. Each level is supported in a different way.

"At the heart of our team is community where all are welcome!"


This is the individual, like me, who loves CrossFit...it’s community and the benefits that doing CrossFit brings. I will not compete but I will be an ambassador for WOD Gear and share with my friends, fellow CrossFitters and family about WOD Gear. We will provide t-shirts, on a quarterly basis, at no charge to the Ambassador.

Regional Competitor

This individual loves to compete but may not be so interested in pursuing an “elite” status where the games is his/her goal. The RC will also act as an ambassador for WOD Gear as well. We will provide a choice of product, on a quarterly basis, to the RC and once profitable...we would like to be able to cover all regional competition fees.

Elite athlete

This individual is going for it and their goal is to make the games. Elite status will be shown by the individuals growth and ability to make it to the games. Example...we have a 16-year old in Northern California, who is a part of our team, and she has made it to the regionals’. We consider her an elite athlete for her continued display of achievement in regional competitions and the fact that, at such a young age, she has made it to this high level event. For the EA, we will provide gear of their choice, at their request and we, once profitable as an organization, will cover their competition fees and also create a bonus structure for making it to regionals, the games and for placement in competitions.

This relationship must be an “active” relationship. We want to see pictures and updates of your progress so that we can post and celebrate you as an individual. Part of our Mission Statement, as a company, says very clearly that we exist to “celebrate the individual”. We want to be a support system to you as well as be your cheerleader.

Last we encourage you, if you haven’t already, to go onto Facebook and “like” us so that you can get updates of what is going on in the community. Also, check out our “Life Inside the Box” videos that we are doing. Pretty cool stuff where we are helping build the brand of affiliates. We are more than just an “apparel” line but really want to partner with affiliates and help them strengthen their business model.

Also, all team members receive a continued 15% discount on any purchases for you and your family.


Gabriel Pelino & Scott Clauson

Team WOD Gear Application

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