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You work hard during your daily CrossFit workouts. You need a dry fit headband that can work as hard as you do. The CrossFit Headbands from WOD Gear will keep sweat and hair from getting in your face and slowing you down.

You sweat, you push, you give it all you have and the coach says, again...and faster. And you go again, pushing your body to the limit. When you are working this hard, you don't want to be worrying about hair or sweat falling in your eyes. That's where dry fit headbands from WOD Gear come into play. Our CrossFit headbands are made to be just as tough as you are and to remain durable over time. And all of our WOD Gear Headbands come in a stylish array of colors with a small or large WOD Gear logo emblazened on the side.

Everyone knows that CrossFitters love to compete; and sometimes our biggest competition is ourselves as we continually work to improve our best times and scores. For any type of competition, make sure that you have everything that you need to go all out and crush the competition. This of course includes everything you've learned about exercising like proper rest, diet, as well as the right apparel and gear. CrossFit headbands from WOD Gear can be a great part of your competition wardrobe for everything from the daily WOD to Team Series competitions.

When you are giving 100% everyday in your workouts and you don't have a dry fit headband or WOD Cap as part of your gear, you could be unnecessarily slowed down. If you have to stop and brush your hair out of your face every time it falls, that's extra pushups or another burpee you missed out on. Don't let hair or sweat get the better of you; get one of our WOD Gear CrossFit headbands and see for yourself.

CrossFit headbands by WOD Gear are made of quality materials and are designed to withstand the torture of the daily WODs. But don't take our word for it, grab a dry fit headband today and see for yourself, we bet you'll agree that WOD Gear quality can't be beat.