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CrossFit Accessories

When it comes to CrossFit Accessories, WOD Gear has everything you're looking for. We have created many products ourselves and have also partnered with great brands like Atlas and Flexfit to ensure the highest quality that you have come to expect from our team.

Just like our clothes, we strive to manufacture all of our accessories in the USA. We choose only excellent materials and make sure they are made of a durable construction so that all of our accessories for CrossFit can handle your workouts.

With all the continual movement in CrossFit you need something to keep your hair out of your face and the sweat out of your eyes. For that you'll want to check out our CrossFit Headbands that come in a large selection of colors as well as large and small logo options. Nearly every color in the scheme is represented in our WOD Gear headband collection. And you'll want a few so that you can change your headband to match your outfit.

We have a great assortment of CrossFit Socks in varying colors and prints in both crew and knee high length. No matter what your sock preference, you can show your support for WOD Gear with our WOD Gear logo socks. We also sell WOD Gear swim caps so that whether you're on the ground or in the pool; you are supporting your local community of fitness athletes.

Our team has partnered with FlexFit to create a line of WOD Gear 210 Fitted CrossFit Hats. Each hat either has the WOD Gear logo or the WOD Gear Clothing name durably embroidered on the front. When you wear the WOD Gear logo outside of the Box you may find that it gives you a sense of community with other CrossFitters that you come across in your daily life. After all, the team/community aspect of CrossFit is an important part of the entire philosophy of the program.

CrossFit Wrist Straps

We proudly sell WOD Gear CrossFit wrist straps created by Atlas Power Wraps. Wrist straps are essential CrossFit accessories, helpful for protecting you during your workout especially during dead lifts. Many athletes have also found CrossFit wrist wraps to be great for post-workout muscle recovery.

WOD Gear Wrist Straps come in a variety of colors, all bearing the unique WOD Gear logo. You are sure to find a couple to match your style and preference. After all, fashion and function aren't mutually exclusive.

As with any sport you need the right gear to equip you for your workout. WOD Gear has all of the highest quality accessories, including CrossFit wrist wraps, manufactured with a durability that ensures they will last as long as you do.