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Get the gear that will help you push your workout further. Introducing CrossFit shorts for men and women from WOD Gear. Ready to take your workout to the next level? With WOD Gear CrossFit shorts for men and women, you’ll have the gear specifically designed to help casual and elite athletes succeed.

Our CrossFit shorts aren't your run of the mill workout gear. That's because WOD Gear clothing is a company founded with origins in CrossFit for the casual and elite athlete. Our owners are CrossFit fans who got the idea to design quality apparel including shorts, compression pants and Womens Leggings. WOD Gear is designed from the start to meet your workout needs with apparel that's made different, in order to make a difference. Our Men's Athletic shorts have extra room where you need to move and extra support where you need it to help make your workout more effective and achieve your fitness goals more quickly.

Our shorts are designed with durable long-lasting material that will hold up to the most punishing CrossFit WODs. We work with innovative fabrics that will provide you with years of wear, so that your WOD shorts represent a great investment. As a personally-owned and operated company, we work with domestic suppliers and manufacturers so we can pay special attention to our processes and craftsmanship in order to ensure that your CrossFit shorts are made with the highest quality fabric and the greatest degree of care.

Plus, many of our CrossFit shorts sport unique features that you won't find anywhere else. Our moisture wicking liners help you stay dry, even when you're working up a sweat. We use tough, built-in drawstrings that won't come out in the wash. And many of our Women's Athletic shorts are designed specifically to keep you covered while doing squats, so you won't show off anything besides your hardcore dedication to completing your next rep.

When you shop at WOD Gear Clothing, you're supporting a company that's committed to our core values. We made a decision from the onset to do business by adhering to a set of principles that include: giving back to the community, making a positive impact on the world, and supporting and promoting healthy, fit lifestyles. Simply put, we want our business to reflect who we are as individuals and continue to do so over time.

Questions about our CrossFit shorts? Feel free to contact us anytime. And shop with complete confidence knowing that WOD Gear Clothing's servers are 100% encrypted and your credit card information is always kept safe. So pick up a pair of WOD Gear's CrossFit shorts today!