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Compression Pants

Compression pants from WOD Gear are exactly what you need to take your workout to the next level. In the world of fitness you push yourself to the limit in your workouts; you need athletic gear that does more than just clothe you. These Compression Pants can help to empower you to complete your workout with maximum performance.

WOD Gear Clothing has created compression pants for men and women that do more than just pull everything in. We have designed the stitching to follow the line and movement of the muscles. In doing this we are able to give you maximum flexibility and movement as well as durability.

Your range of motion won't be inhibited in our compression pants. Many CrossFitters, runners and other athletes find that compression pants are the perfect apparel option when exercising or doing daily WODs because they stay in place and the fabric does not get in the way.

But by far the best feature of compression pants is that they increase blood circulation which can aid in muscle recovery and help your body rebound after a tough workout. It is widely known that compression pants and compression gear can help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness often referred to as DOMS.

Athletes all over the world use compression pants before, during, and after big races and events. Cyclists, tri-athletes and even Olympians use them to train, compete, and of course recover from big events. Olympic weightlifters have found that compression pants give them the support that they need during tough lifts. Runners find that the reduced vibration in compression pants slows DOMS which makes a big difference in post-workout muscle recovery.

For serious athletes who don't want to be sidelined by extreme muscle soreness this is a must have item in the gym bag. We are not suggesting that your body will never get sore but with better blood flow you are likely to be sore for less time. Who wouldn't want a decreased recovery time?

Our Compression pants for men and women were created with you in mind and are chock full of other great features. Our designers manufactured the garments with a flatlock seam construction so that all of the surfaces lay smoothly. The material is made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex and also has UPF 50+ sun protection so you don't have to worry about harmful rays during your outdoor workouts. We have also made the material to be antibacterial and moisture wicking to provide added comfort and increased health and wellness. As an added bonus there is an inside pocket that easily fits money and/or credit cards so you can keep your hands free for exercise and not worry about leaving something behind.

Men's Fitness Magazine reviewed our compression pants in an article CrossFit Gear: 15 New Products to Improve Your Daily Workout. "Recommended for any CrossFit lower-body workout..." We think you'll agree that compression pants from WOD Gear are a an excellent asset in your workout arsenal. We all want to get faster, stronger, and go farther, and while these won't increase your speed, you may find that you recover faster and that means less time between runs. And whether your a novice or elite athelete, that's a great way to increase your edge.

The WOD Gear team is excited for you to give our compression pants for men and women a try. You could be well on your way to increased circulation and faster recovery times with Compression Pants from WOD Gear Clothing.