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Kids Shirts

CrossFit is taking the world by storm so it’s no wonder that kids want to get in on the action too. Some may be too young to participate but they can still wear Kid’s CrossFit Clothing from WOD Gear.

Many parents are turning to CrossFit as a safe, structured way to ensure that physical activity is a part of their kid's life on a regular basis. Whether or not your children are participating in CrossFit, WOD Gear still has great shirts and styles that your kids will love and quality that you can appreciate.

WOD Gear has a number of Kid's CrossFit shirts with great designs created just for children. There's Dino Flip and Dino Overhead T-Shirts with fun dinosaur cartoons doing the WODs. Or maybe your kids would prefer the Kettlebell T-Shirt, with an athletic youngster showing off his strength. Our Kids Burpee Tee features a fit kid demonstrating this demanding element of fitness. No matter which design you choose you can be sure that the Kid's CrossFit clothing, like nearly all of the clothing at WOD Gear, is made of quality materials manufactured in the USA.

CrossFit Onesies

Even the youngest among us can show support for the community with CrossFit onesies from WOD Gear. We have great, kid-friendly CrossFit graphics and phrases for even the tiniest CrossFit fans in your life. You'll love the kettle swing cartoon onesie in white with black sketching. We also have Beast Mode Onesies in several stylish colors, and don't forget our CrossFit Caps for kids. WOD Gear CrossFit children's onesies would make a great baby shower gift for the CrossFitter in your life!

CrossFit is more than just exercise; it's a community, and that's something that extends to our kids as well. So let them show how much they like CrossFit with their favorite kid's shirt from WOD Gear. You never know, it might even spur on more family exercise together. When exercising is fun and we get to do it with the people we love, nothing can stand in our way of getting in shape and feeling great. Whether your kids are participating in CrossFit Kids or just want a cool t-shirt to show off to their friends the Kids CrossFit shirts by WOD Gear is a great place to go for all of your athletic apparel needs.

At WOD Gear, we believe that you are never too young to begin your love of exercise. Check out our stock of kid's CrossFit shirts and clothing today.