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WOD Gear Athletic Apparel (Work Out of the Day), a Los Angeles based athletic/activewear apparel brand, exists to impact a global community of women encouraging them to love themselves!  We do this by placing affirming messages on the insides of our leggings and shorts!  Beyond apparel we aim to support the community, and promote relevant social causes.



The WOD Gear name was chosen by the fact that the term “WOD: Work Out of the Day" is a universally known term within the CrossFit™ community and will be immediately identifiable. However, over the years, WOD GEAR has made a defineable pivot to be inclusive of all methods of health and fitness.

Our Story

The vision for WOD Gear Athletic Apparel began in 2010 with Gabriel Pelino, a dreamer and entrepreneur, stepped foot into a CrossFit™ gym. From the personal attention from owner of CrossFit Pasadena and coaches, to the intimate sense of community, Gabriel became excited about the opportunity of launching an apparel brand within this space.

After months of research, Gabriel found a need for high quality and functional fitness apparel with excellent design that captures the energy of modern day work out regiments. Gabriel formed a team and they began to create concepts and visuals around the term “ WOD,” an acronym for workout of the day. After many conversations, the movement was born!

WOD Gear exists to build "the people's brand" that support our customer's workout way of life. Beyond apparel we aim to celebrate athletes of all kinds, support the community, and promote relevant social causes. We want to make a positive impact within the fitness community and make a global difference.