We Are WOD Gear

Our Story

The vision for WOD Gear Clothing Company began in 2010 with Gabriel Pelino. Gabriel, the dreamer, mentor, friend, published author and entrepreneur, nurtured his passion for Crossfit. He built his vision of launching an all encompassing athletic brand, geared toward the Everyday Athlete, with those around him. From the personal attention of the owner of CrossFit Pasadena and it's coaches, to the intimate sense of community, and with the encouragement of close friends and others, the dream became a reality.

After some research, Gabriel found a need for high quality and functional fitness apparel with excellent design, and that captures the energy of CrossFit and similar types of workout regiments. In the beginning, WOD Gear was started with only four T-Shirt designs, knowing that one day it would offer a full line of athletic apparel, which it now does. All of it's products are made in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Today, the heartbeat of WOD Gear lie in it's team, Abassadors, and customers around the globe. WOD Gear strives to impact each indivudual by celebrating them and providing an experience, through it's brand, by providing positive messages.

Within many of it's pieces of clothing, WOD Gear also has a strong desire to "give back" to the community, through it's "Purpose over Profit" campaigns, as well as gathering our Ambassadors to participate in local non-profit activities. Gabriel believes that as a brand, WOD Gear MUST be socially conscious and care for those in need! "If we fail to look after those less fortunate than us then our gain is worthless!" We want to be a positive force and influence within the CrossFit community and beyond! We feel that it is also important to invest in cases, outside ourselves, that will impact lives around the world in a positive way and make a difference!

WOD Gear is very excited about what the future holds and will continue to strive to make an impact, not only in the apparel it puts out, but in the communities that surround us near and far!

Gabriel P. - WOD Gear Founder
Quality Athletic Apparel

WOD Gear is a 100% Made in the USA brand, from designs to fabrication. 

Our Team

Gabriel P.   -  Owner/CEO

I believe that it is possible to make an affordable product made entirely in the USA.

Denise P.   -  Production Mgr.

We aim to provide a quality product that is durable, fashionable, and comfortable.

Raul C.   -  Creative Director

I believe we have to dress from the inside out. Fashion is more than what we put on - it's feeling good about yourself and loving the body you have been given.