Melina Taylor

My name is Melina. I've been overweight most of my life, and the only time I can remember being at a good body weight was when I was active in high school as Captain of the dance team for a few years. After birthing two children as a young adult, I gained a substantial amount of weight and found myself unable to loose it which led to a depression, and me somewhat withdrawing from society. It wasn't until I found Crossfit, that my life changed for good! The same day I tried it out, was the same day I committed to a new healthier lifestyle by eating right and going to class no less than 5 days a week pushing beyond my limits. Axiom CrossFit has become my second home, and I couldn't be more happy. I'm eating clean, and have lost 4-6 dress sizes. I have also found something I love besides Crossfit which is Powerlifting. I'm a member of the USAPL, and currently hold first places finishes from meets across the country, but also hold a Gold Medal accompanied by two California State Records in the 198 class for bench and back squat as of 2013. This year I'm looking to become a certified USAPL Coach, so I can help train and encourage others to prepare them for competition, while also competing myself. I'm hoping to compete in my first Crossfit competition, and dial in specific gymnast skills too! I am a newtwin mom + 3, I am a strong dedicated athlete, and I Am Wod Gear!