Lauren Stevens

My name is Lauren and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!  I found Crossfit during summer 2013 at a crucial time in my life.  My husband had just been deployed to Afghanistan and I knew absolutely no one in this new town.  I walked in to Graham Crossfit and said "sign me up!".  Little did I know, this would be the most influential decision in my life to date.  It was an immediate escape from the sadness and fear I felt with a loved one deployed.  What locked me in was the everlasting compassion and positivity that Crossfit is all about.  As I struggled through Fundamentals, and my first few Crossfit classes, everyone made me feel as if no accomplishment went unnoticed.  I found a tight-knit group of people with similar interests and personalities.  The Crossfit community wrapped its arms around me (literally and figuratively) and made me feel included.  It continues to be the most rewarding sport I've ever played.  Now, nine months later, I'm excited to witness the gains not only I make but those of my peers as well.  Everyone is a cheerleader for one another and that is why I love Crossfit.  The positive attitude is contagious and has changed my life for the better.  Live fit, Life life :)

Instagram: @laurenlauve