I am a US Navy Chief and a mommy to three beautiful children. I always want to set the best example I can. I have always been athletic, doing track and competitive cheerleading, and strive to be better everyday. I love God, family and CrossFit! I started my CrossFit journey in February of 2015. I was always a doubter until one of my Sailors, who owned a box, challenged me to try it. After one week I was hooked! I quickly started making gains and by the end of week 3 I had all the CrossFit gear. I am 34 years old and really wanted to show I had the drive so I entered my first competition in April. During that competition I got a complete Achilles rupture doing box jumps. The doctor said it would be 4-6 months before I could do CrossFit again, I did not accept that! After one month I was back in the box working on whatever I could. I had the pleasure of going to California Regionals and got to meet Jamie Hagiya and the WOD Gear team. They all gave me such great motivation! It is now three months post-surgery and I am out of my boot and back in the box working my strength and picking up where I left off.  Future competitions here I come!!