Kathleen Chung

Born and raised in sunny Southern California and have been active my entire life. Grew up playing tennis, basketball, volleyball, and running track. Started my CrossFit addiction 2 years ago and it’s one I plan on never quitting. I love everything about it, from the community to the brutal WODs that make me think I’m literally dead. I am going to keep training to in hopes to be a competitor at Regionals one day!

Athletic Milestones:
- Nike’s Women’s Marathon 2013
- Pretty Gritty 2014 Competitor (Fun Division)
- Spartan Sacramento Super 2014
- Spartan Malibu Sprint 2014
- So Cal Spartan Sprint 2015
- Cupid's Massacre 2015 Competitior (Scaled Division)
- Tough Mudder, Los Angeles 2015
- Battleground South Bay 2015 Competitor (Rx Division)
- Spartan Monterey Super 2015
- Summer Shakedown 2015 Competitor (Scaled Division)
- So Cal Spartan Beast 2015 (2015 Trifecta completion!)
- So Cal Spartan Sprint 2015