Jacob Theriot

My name is Jacob Theriot. I have always loved sports and fitness. I began wrestling at the age of 3 years old and loved it. I have always loved high intensity training. I played high school sports but did not compete at teh collegiate level. I thought I was pretty much done competing after high school, which was a little depressing. I continued to workout and train after high school though. In August 2011 I was watching ESPN and happen to see the Crossfit Games playing. I immediately called my workout partner up to tell him to check it out. We were both hooked.

We found out there was a gym in our area (Crossfit Lake Charles South) so we finally started in October 2011. I absolutely loved it! I competed in the 2012 Crossfit Open and surprisingly I placed 17th. I then moved onto Regionals, placing 20th. I was very pleased with my performance since I had only been in Crossfit about 7-8 months at the time of Regionals. Since then, I have been trai ning non-stop to get better! The Crossfit Community is amazing; everyone is always supportive and selfless, always giving help when needed. I can definitely say I have found my new love for fitness!

Competition History:

  • 17th in 2012 Crossfit Open
  • 20th in 2012 South Central Regionals
  • 7th at the Deep South Shootout
  • 20th at The Fittest Games (hosted by Crossfit Central)


My goal is to compete at The Crossfit Games! I would love to compete as an individual, but if our team made it, then I would go as a team. I have many goals for myself that have not been reached yet. I believe once I reach these goals, I will be at the elite level that one must be to compete at The Crossfit Games.