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Elise Bigley

I started crossfit in June of 2012 after moving to Seattle, WA in 2008 from CA. It was there that I was introduced to olympic weightlifting and began my journey to where I am today. Crossfit taught me both a physical and mental strength that I failed to possess during my adolescent ballet and young adult modern dance days. Having joining my box's competition team in 2013, I participated in multiple crossfit events throughout the Pacific Northwest Region and even one weightlifting meet. Shortly thereafter, I found myself becoming more drawn to olympic weightlifting and the challenges it presented. I finally took on olympic weightlifting full time beginning in October 2014. Since then I have competed in 1 more local weightlifting meet as a registered athlete with USAW (while rocking my WODgear singlet!) and am scheduled to participate in my third meet in February. My boyfriend and I also recently opened Seattle's only dedicated weightlifting gym in July 2015 called Chalk & Metal Barbell Club ("CMBC"). CMBC is committed to developing the strength of all athletes who wish to either learn olympic weightlifting or compete on a national stage (please drop in if you are ever in Seattle!). When I'm not weightlifting (5x per week) you can find me working for a local tech company just outside Pike Place Market, watching weightlifting with my boyfriend, playing outside, exploring new brunch spots, and dreaming about my imaginary French Bulldog that I'm hoping to get next year. :)     
Current Stats & PRs:
Weight: 63kg
Snatch: 57kg
CJ: 71kg
Best Competition Total: 124kg
Snatch bodyweight
Qualify for the 2016 American Open
Lift in a Team Crossfit Academy Weightlifting Meet (my training home away from home when I travel to CA ;))