Christine Rees

Hello! I am Christine!

I am WOD Gear because I am genuine, adaptable and real.
I joined the WOD Gear family in September 2014. Being an ambassador for this brand has evolved into being much more meaningful than I initially anticipated. It is not just about me doing sports in cute clothes, it is about being involved in a quality community and standing
behind a company that ultimately strives to support others. Together we look outward  rather than inward.
Let me tell you about myself: I am in my late twenties and I am like any other person in this
world working to build my empire (not materialistically speaking). I work as a Title Search
Specialist during the day. At night I shed my administrative skin to a hybrid Weight Lifter and
Crossfit athlete from Precision Crossfit.

I am an average person. I suffer from doubt, insecurities and failure like anyone else. I have great
days and bad days. I have plateaus and huge PRs. I have strengths and weaknesses. Despite a
desire to be “the fittest” I can be, sometimes I eat a dozen chocolate chip cookies at 11pm and go
straight to bed. I am a very driven individual with overachiever syndrome but I seize every
opportunity to make strange voices, do awkward dances and make people laugh.

Having no athletic background or experience, I signed up for Crossfit in late 2013. In just two
years I’ve podiumed in Weight Lifting and in Crossfit. Even with somewhat impatient ambition
to improve, I would stop my training at any moment to welcome or assist a new member. I am
confident in my belief that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. If you want a
thing, DO THE THING! If you want to be a good basketball player, don’t sign up for baseball. If
you want to join Crossfit, don’t take a spin class. There is never a perfect time or an ideal
situation – no grand sign will occur – simply act upon your goals or dreams the moment they
arise. Anything you want can be earned through perseverance; I am proof and I want to help
people discover that for themselves.

What differentiates WOD Gear athletes is a desire to uphold quality values. We want to set the
bar. That translates into everything from great apparel made in the USA to an altruistic team
behind the operation. WOD Gear is real, it is palpable and net profit is not the end goal. We
participate in charitable events, help others in need and think outside the box to make an impact
on those around us. WOD Gear has made dreams happen for customers, clients, and athletes but
most importantly, people. Status, perfection, strength, or external beauty is not required.

In my life journey thus far, it reigns true that I feel the most successful when I witness my peers
succeed. I personally have overcome physical and emotional rock bottom but what was a girl to
do? I dug through. WOD Gear has been the platform in which I can spread the word that you are
never alone. Just reach out because we will be there to catch you.

I am WOD Gear.