Camille Grace Pejoro

Camille was working out almost every day at a chain regular gym and was barely seeing any results. She started CrossFit May 2012 when her friends encouraged her to buy a Groupon. Camille immediately loved the WODs, enjoyed the closeness of the small box, eating Paleo, and being part of a supportive community. Through CrossFit Camille gained amazing friendships and lost 50lbs. She has also competed in 2 CrossFit competitions. At this time, Camille is Director of Events and Social Media at her box but soon will be coaching after completing her CrossFit level one certification this summer. 

Camille is also a full time Marriage & Family Therapist. Many of her clients struggle with eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, anxiety, depression, trauma, & obesity. Camille often combines her passion for mental and physical health by encouraging her client’s to participate in a physical activity to increase self-esteem & positive endorphins. Camille loves creating new Paleo recipes, singing, dancing, and the beach.