Britt Chamberlin Crowe

Athletics and fitness have always been part of my life. After having played soccer and basketball through high school, I found that when I started CrossFit at age 26 in 2012, I regained that love for competing and pushing my body to improve. I never realized that I would soon be in better shape than I had ever been in my years of playing sports! I quickly became immersed in the CrossFit community and found myself wanting to inspire people and strive to be of an example to others. After receiving my Level 1 certificate in October of 2013, my coaches gave me the opportunity to start coaching, allowing me to become even more involved in our CrossFit community and I haven't looked back! What motivates me everyday is my fellow teammates and seeing them improve and grow each day they are in the gym. I find inspiration in their hard work and dedication when it can be so hard to stay motivated! Being a part of such a unique and positive community is truly amazing.

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