My name is Armando Virruet and I have been involved in crossfit for about four years now. It all started for me after I got back from overseas and really got burnt out with the globo gym status and working one body part a day. I was going in there alone and that's when I started burning out. I ended up barely working out and pretty much came to a halt with the fitness life. 
I had a friend who did crossfit and told me about so I was like I have to try this out and see what it's really about. I meet a guy when I was helping the associate pastor, from a church I was visiting, move. I started trying it out and I remember everything being so tough. I kept going though, which at the time I wasn't very consistent. Well I kept attending the crossfit gym but never got really serious. 
Well after two years of being at the crossfit gym, I left for around a month and trained at another crossfit gym. During that time I was able to experience some serious crossfit and good programming. I started to really get hooked, trying to better myself, and also better those around me. Most of the times they were finishing before me and we pushed one another to be better!
I made my way back to my home box and decided to try out the other crossfit gym in my town! I told myself I will give it 3 months and if I don't see any changes then I'm back to where I started! Well I got in there, was coached up more than I have ever been on the olympic lifts! I saw my numbers go up across the board and hit some PRs tha that I thought I would l never get close to at all! Well as you can imagine I stayed there and learned all I could! I felt I was being consistent in the gym, but as I was walking out my Coach CJ 
straight up asked me "when are you gonna start being consistent?" From that day on I became serious and started to love the sport of crossfit! 
Crossfit became more than just fitness for me! It became a time where I could be encouraged as I encouraged others. It became something that was rough and kept me humble! It became a time where I could work, improve and give Christ all the glory!! Crossfit became a lifestyle and a time to really display the Gospel through helping and encouraging others as they work hard. I'm thankful for Coach CJ calling me out and I strive to help others as they help me and to encourage others so they will give there best day in and day out just like my Coach did for me!