I didn't grow up playing sports...my main "athleticism" was beating up the neighborhood boys that picked on my younger brother. I found CrossFit on March 15, 2010 and I immediately fell in love. I also discovered quickly that I had a fiercely competitive spirit. I started doing local competitions in the Southeast. I loved competing because it gave me a chance to meet amazing people, challenge myself, and motivate my training upon returning to the gym. I have qualified for Regionals all 3 years of competing. I am the healthiest this year that I have ever been and I am almost the most prepared. I am ready to take on a tough field of amazing NorCal women and give my all.

I also recently started competing in weightlifting, qualifying for the American Open after my first meet. I love competing in this sport as well...I mean, if wearing a singlet and putting heavy weights over your head doesn't get you excited, then...I don't know if we can be friends! (Kidding!)

But as much as I love training hard and competing, I love nothing more than coaching. I love seeing others (much like my old self) walk into the door and blow the ceiling off their expectations of what they are capable of doing. Seriously, if THAT doesn't get you excited, I really don't know if we can be friends...for real this time. :)

Competition History: