Amber Smith

As an athlete and personal trainer, my passion has always been in developing the passion in others. Whether it's in weightloss - to be able to run around with their small children/grandchildren - or in gaining strength and self-empowerment. Little did I know that where my passion lay, there to was my own personal weakness.

I was born and raised in Iowa and have been involved in athletics for as long as I can remember. I have a very competitive spirit, and after collegiate basketball came to an end I didn't know how to channel that competitive nature. Working out wasn't satisfying anymore, and far from fun. Personally, I started a downward spiral where I completely lost my drive - my love for life.

Crossfit filled this void. I found Crossfit in March, 2012. Not only am I "physically" stronger than I've even been, but most importantly "mentally" stronger. It's the one time I can turn off all the outside static and focus on me. A daily battle to see how far I can push my body, my brain. Everyday is a new challenge, a new opportunity to push to new limits.

Never Stop Learning.
Never Stop Improving.
Never Stop Loving the Journey.
Never Give Up.

My Instagram info is @ambrlyn2