Shea LeDoux Hare

I am married with a two year old daughter. I have always been involved in athletics and have had a competitive nature. I had just had my little girl when I heard about Crossfit. My first thought was "I just don't believe you can get anything out of a 7 minute workout." Being that a box was next door to my work, I found out first hand how much one could gain from a seven minute workout.

But what I love most about Crossfit is the community. My CF family are some of the most positive people I know. It's a sense a pride we crossfitters take not only in ourselves but in other crossfitters. We love the sport, continuously promote its benefits, and boast of the support we receive from one another. It's really the only sport I have seen/participated in where we all compete against each other yet all the while cheering for our opponent. Once a crossfitter always a crossfitter!

Competition History:

Region: South Central, 1st time Team Regional Competitor, 131 in South Central Region X