Marisa Liepman

I was born and raised in Spokane Washington. From an early age my parents said I just had to run and go everywhere fast. They put me in Softball, Soccer and gymnastics. I fell in love with gymnastics but as I kept growing, was kindly re-directed to basketball. So, basketball became my life. I was a 3 years started, and made it to state all 3 years. I also played Varsity Track and Volleyball. I was offered multiple college scholarships to play basketball but had what became my greatest gift, my daughter at 18.

I went on to college and Nursing school instead of pursing my athletic capabilities while raising my daughter. I graduated with my Registered Nurse degree and moved to Seattle to start my career. I was still an athlete at heart and stayed very active at the globo gym, running half marathons and playing rec basketball. But something was missing, I wanted more. That is when I found CrossFit in August 2011 through a friend. I was astonished at how challenging it was at first. I had to scale, but quickly began to make progress and rx and obtain PR’s I never thought possible. After feeling this competitive “bug” again I started doing competitions and surprised myself. I felt like an athlete again! I also found my 2nd family at my gym and have gained so many friends through the CrossFit community. CrossFit has made me a better person physically, emotionally and mentally.

Competition History:

    39th place Regionals 2013
    2nd Place Mt Rainier Strongest woman
    1st place Gorilla Games firebreather 2013
    6th place team Ft. Vancouver Invitational


I was new to muscle ups at regionals & DNF'd after getting only 2 when I needed 3 to continue on. After tackling that weakness and learning from the experience I am hoping to place top 10 this year at Regionals.