I found CrossFit in March 2011 after receiving a strong recommendation from one of my favorite gym peers and upon returning to my typical workout regimen after having my second child. Before drinking the proverbial Crossfit "kool-aid," I could be found "working hard" in the big box gyms: lifting, attending yoga, cycling, and participating in bootcamp classes. CrossFit gave me a renewed sense of motivation and a new set of goals. It offered me a new reason to train harder (although I do love "get after it" ;)) in the gym and push myself to new limits. On day ONE in the Crossfit gym, I was introduced to "FRAN" and she revealed to me what would become my newest love andgreatest obsession--CROSSFIT!

In my mid twenties, I felt I was at the pinnacle of my attainable fitness level. At the time, I was competing in natural body building/figure competitions and I never imagined that I would achieve a higher level of fitness at 30 years of age (okay, 32 years of age) following the birth of my two children. My initial attraction to CrossFit was the physical aspect of the sport; in turn, my love of the sport of CrossFit reaches far beyond the training. The entire CrossFit experience is unique and has far exceeded my expectations!

Competition History:

  • Inormal Throwdown of Death (Superfit Games/Crossfit Charlottesville)
  • Cold War Games (Crossfit Liberation)
  • RokFit Cyber Series
  • WODCLUB Open


  • 270 Deadlift in 2012
  • my first muscle-up before June 2012
  • to submit to compete in the Crossfit Open in 2012
  • I would like to continue my education within the crossfit community and attend as many certifications/seminars as possible this year.
  • Get my mom and dad into the crossfit gym! (I already have my mother-in-law and father-in-law in there!!!)