Growing up I was never an athlete.  I never played sports and was overweight.
After struggling with a eating disorder for most of my 20's I found fitness as a way to empower myself.  
I fell in love and quit my job to become a personal trainer and never looked back! I have held every job in the fitness industry from trainer to General Manager.  I know own my own company Brock House Bodies.  My mission is to help women empower themselves through living a healthy lifestyle.  I have a blog and podcast where I share tons of info on how they can be their best self!

I am also a wife, mom and Crossfit Masters athlete with the goal of making it to the Masters qualifier in 2017.

I love what Wodgear stands for and you make the only booty shorts I feel comfortable working out in!!!
Excited about the opportunity to tell others about Wodgear!

Tabitha Sierra
Health Coach
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach