Soraira Urquiza

I was NOT athletic as a child. It was not until I was 14 that I started to play softball and then after high school I focused more on the college social life. This led to the freshman 15 which quickly grew to the post college 65! I found myself overweight and very unhappy. My self-esteem was at an all time low, I was in an abusive relationship and just to avoid going home I started to go to the local gym. It was not long after I started working out that I began to reap the rewards of physical exercise and healthy eating. Soon after I left the awful situation I was in and moved out on my own. It is for this reason I am so passionate about nutritional balance and physical health.  I have competed in NPC competitions, I am a certified Spin instructor & teach 2 times a week, active cross-fitter & member of Nomad Barbell club. In addition to this I have a full time job & also teach Chicana/o Studies at the community college level. No matter where I am & who I speak to I share my story & tell others its not about losing weight, its about being healthy, balance & feeling good. A healthy body equals a healthy mind!