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Shannalyn West

I was born in Washington, spent 10 years in Southern California, but moved back to Washington in 1996.  I have always been extremely active and have been involved in competitive sports.  The adrenaline, camaraderie, crushing goals, are all things that feed my competitive nature.  
In August 2013, a friend convinced me to try Crossfit and I instantly fell in love.  The atmosphere, constantly varied workouts, the olympic lifts, I loved it all! Crossfit filled a competitive void that I felt had been missing for awhile.  I am both physically and mentally stronger than I have ever been.   
In October 2014 I received my L1 Crossfit Coaching certification as well as my USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coaching certification and have been coaching ever since.  There is nothing better than seeing athletes progress and push themselves, reaching goals they never thought they would.  It pushes me in my own training as well.  
While my love of Crossfit continues, I am now training and competing as an olympic lifter as well.  I love how technical olympic lifting is and proving just how amazing the human body can be.  
I will never stop learning and never stop improving.  
"Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated."