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Purpose Over Profit

We stand by the motto to, 'Be the change you want to see in others.'

Gabe P. - WOD Gear Founder

WOD Gear Clothing Company is a California-based clothing company specializing in workout and cross-fitness wear. The company is recalibrating their business model to promote charitable giving, and hopes other companies will follow.

We started our company within the CrossFit community and have slowing moved into an overall lifestyle brand that creates unique workout and training wear, popular with fitness enthusiasts of all genres. The company was founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Gabriel Pelino and designer Scott Clauson with the goal of creating exciting fitness wear for athletes and giving back to the community. This summer WOD Gear is making history by adopting a new business model that embraces the old adage, “Be the change you want to see in others.” WOD Gear will now dedicate 20% of their profits on every first and third Wednesday of each month to the charities that their customers support. The company recently shared this news and their new vision with their customers through their website and social media outlets. "Purpose over Profit,” is their new call to action and one the company hopes catches on with other companies.

“I got tired of hearing myself speak about the disconnect between companies and people and decided to 'be the change' I want to see in others,” CEO Gabriel Pelino explains. “We started this company with the idea that we would have fun, give back, and support our community, so to move to this new plan is just an organic evolution of our original vision.”

WOD Gear is a 100% Made in the USA brand, from designs to fabrication, everything WOD GEAR is made by American workers making living wages. Their designs have been seen on famous athletes and in top fitness magazines like Shape magazine and Cosmopolitan. The clothing is known to be functional, well-fitting, and colorful. Now, it will be known as the fitness brand that not only gives when you move, but also gives back. Since the 2007 recession companies have been slow to increase their charitable giving. Although it is on the rise, the numbers are well below pre-2007 levels. This is also true for the public, at large. By incorporating giving with buying, WOD Gear is both encouraging donations but also making it easier to do so by killing two birds with one stone. This new program will create a partnership of giving between WOD Gear, their clients, and the charities that receive the benefit. “Of course we hope the idea catches on, but at the same time none of us believe that we're reinventing the wheel with this idea,” says partner Scott Clauson.

“Other companies like Starbucks have done similar things. We're just making it a regular event versus taking a day out of the year for donating. More companies should do it, or at least, do it more often. The model is mutually beneficial.”

Data has shown that companies who give to charities are more profitable. Consumers prefer to give their money to companies that will also do good with it. Implementing this vision will enable WOD Gear and their customers to do good, while also receiving benefits. WOD Gear expands their consumer reach, customers get top quality fitness products, charities receive donations they need and everyone is happy. Many of WOD Gear's supporters include professional athletes who also believe in charitable giving and can feel good about where they place their dollars and endorsements.

“There is something about being healthy and embracing the healthy lifestyle that creates a sense of passion for life,” Pelino tells us. “People that you meet who share with you that they are passionate about something are usually also passionate about a lot of others things. Everyone I meet in this community not only love their sport but are generous with their time and attitudes about helping others. We want to harness that and do something really neat with this.”

This shift is a permanent move to a new model of business for WOD Gear that began in the Summer of 2015.