Growing up,  I never played any sports,  I grew up on a farm and that was my life.  I was a huge gym rat; however,  after having my daughter I began college and lost touch with staying active.  It was until five months ago,  February 28, 2016, I began crossfit.

My colleague and his wife own Crossfit Vertex in Dickson city,  PA.  He kept telling me I should try it out.  Every since that first class,  I have become addicted.  Not only is each an every person like a family member,  but everyone pushes and cheers each other on.  I have pushed myself farther then I could have imagined and acomplished goals that I thought would have taken longer.

I feel healthier,  stronger, welcomed into a new family and a better influence for my daughter.  Crossfit is not just a hobby,  it is my way of a better life.