Nina Nurena

In crossfit, I've been bruised to the bone, left without a breath, and exhausted of every raw emotion, but everyday I decide it's worth it. A lesson I've learned through this long road is great things do not come from comfort zones. During college, I found myself in a temporary place where I was having too much fun, priorities were shifting away from academics, and I was getting into trouble. The consequences impacted me both mentally and physically when I graduated. Looking back on these 2 years, I know the best decision on my life was stepping into my first fundamental class. The great things that crossfit has given me is family, passion for competition, and unconditionally, being a woman for others. 
Comp History:
Weho Throwdown - 1st place
NLI Turf Wars Series- 3rd scaled, 2nd intermediate
Femme Royal 
California Affiliate League - 1st intermediate
NLI Affiliate Showcase
NLI Dynamic Duo 2,3
Femme Royal - 4th
Femme Royal - 1st 50/50
SGV throwdown - 1st intermediate
Cascade Classic
Devious Duos - 8th