My name is Monica Hernandez and am currently going back to school in order to pursue a career in Nursing. In the midst of the craziness that is life I found that my biggest stress relief has been through Crossfit. I started Crossfit back in 2012, however, that is not where the journey started. I have a bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I was always highly active I played Volleyball, danced Salsa, and ran. I would lift weight but did not have any clue as to what exactly to do. One day my past employer told me about Crossfit and how her and her boyfriend ran a small Crossfit gym in San Luis Obispo called Crossfit Inferno. I saw her body and was always in awe. I could quote regularly to myself "I want that". I went and visited her gym not knowing what to expect. We did backsquats and did a quick 10 min AMRAP. I loved the support I felt that day in the gym and kept that memory in the back of my head forever. I did not immediately start but it always amazed me how that one day changed my image of what is fitness.

I returned to Southern California to be with my family but still felt that I needed to be in something highly active. That little voice in my head said "What about Crossfit?" So I started my search and was fortunate enough to stumble upon Axiom Crossfit. I remember the feeling when I began my first Crossfit workout at Axiom. I was nervous and had to modify my workouts but I welcomed the challenge. Four years later I have made monumental increases in my strength. My goal for 2017 is to not only start Nursing School but to continue my Crossfit training during school. I tell my friends and family to never give up on any of their goals. This is something that Crossfit has helped strengthen within me.

So it comes with no surprise that I am proud to be WOD Gear ambassador. This company makes it an important factor to help the community. This philosophy is what I have adopted in my life and I can not wait share WOD gear in and out of the box!