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Megan Schrader

My name is Megan. I’m 26 years old and coach full time out of 2 gyms, CrossFit 818 and CrossFit Alhambra. My CrossFit journey began in 2012. I was fresh out of college, and found that regular gyms didn’t quite cut it for me. As a former competitive athlete, I needed something that I couldn’t find at a normal gym. Lucky for me, CrossFit 818 was 3 blocks away from my new house and after hearing positive feedback from several friends who had started doing CrossFit, I decided to give it a shot. Within a few short weeks, I was hooked. By 6 months, I discovered that I have a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals and truly enjoy seeing the excitement of new PR’s or the surprised remark of, “I’ve never done that before!”

While I have dabbled in competitive CrossFit, CrossFit led me to discover the sport of weightlifting and it’s a blast! I started competing in 2015, and plan to compete for as long as my body allows.