Megan Oesterreich

Megan is a mom to 3 awesome kids who found her way back to a healthy, competitive, athletic life in 2013. She realized, with 3 children under 7 that she needed to make a life change to be a role model for her kids and to have the energy to be the parent she wanted to be.

A former college diver, volleyball player and post college club rugby player, Megan also missed challenging herself physically and being able to be competitive.

Through Crossfit style workouts and a Paleo diet shift she has found her way back into competitive sports and a stronger healthier life than ever before.

Megan now plays competitive adult soccer and regularly competes in obstacle course races. She will finish 2016 with 6 Spartan finishes and will earn her 1st Trifecta, in this, her first full year of OCR.

You can find her at her daily bootcamp in Pasadena, on outdoor adventures with her kiddos, or running her part time private psychotherapy and parent coaching practice in Sierra Madre.

Finding her way back to an athletic, healthy and strong community has resulted in a driven, satisfied, healthy woman who can continue her fitness journey proud of the role model she is to her family. "

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