We only have one body & when it works well we take it for granted, but when it doesn’t your entire life can be upset.  My life was transformed by adopting a ‘clean eating’ & active lifestyle and I am passionate about living and promoting healthy lifestyles.  I am the founder of Captivated by Nature, the Joy of Clean Eating a company offering a variety of healthy lifestyle programs. I am a Wellness & Nutrition Consultant and have received certifications as a Personal Trainer and Specialist in Sports Nutrition, TRX Suspension Training, Practical Yoga and Zumba. I enjoy being active, doing Yoga and Crossfit to stay healthy.

 Adventure in the form of hiking, traveling and finding new opportunities to explore nature are my love.  About 11 years ago I began my journey with eating whole foods that are loaded with good nutrition. I was sick of being lethargic due to eating poorly. I made radical changes to my nutrition. I now have more energy, mental alertness, improved sleep, and greater over-all wellness that has led to a stronger sense of confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals and enjoy teaching about the Joy of Clean Eating & living Active lifestyles.   

You can follow me for some healthy eating tips on Facebook and Instagram at @captivatedbynature or at: www.captivatedbynature.com