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Life Inside the Box is the global platform for CrossFit affiliates around the world to share stories about their communities and reveal how they have touched and changed lives along the way. It is an international outlet to showcase how each Crossfit Box is different in their own way and how they uniquely impact their athletes’ day to day lives, no matter how little or how great.

You’ve seen how CrossFit can transform individuals by creating a healthier and happier lifestyle through fitness and nutrition but what we don’t see is how distinctively each affiliate influences the lives of many through friendships, camaraderie, charity work and the mentoring of each member through life changing accomplishments and events. We want to see the bond that is created throughout each community and share with others why CrossFit is unlike any other sport. It is not about the people of WOD Gear visiting your Box but is centered around capturing the stories within each Box. 

Our Goals
• features the uniqueness of that one specific affiliate
• reveals the friendships, family and community that is formed
• goes beyond the 20 minute CrossFit WOD
• capture the lives of the athletes’ within the Box: Who and where they’ve come from; the life of the Box itself: How did it start and where it is going; and the life of the owner of the Box: Who they are



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