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Joyce Tatarchuk

My name is Joyce Tatarchuk and I'm from Berrien Springs, MI. My husband and I own CrossFit Berrien and my community means everything to me! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing one of our athletes reach new heights and do things they never imagined doing! I LOVE competing and I've done both local comps and Wodapalooza 2016 (in the middle of the qualifiers for 2017 right now!). CrossFit saved me from a life of second-guessing my worth, struggling with a low self-esteem, and spending way too much time focused on what I looked like. Now I focus on getting stronger, faster, and being a better person every single day. I set goals everyday and reaching them is a high I had never known before. Lifting heavy is my passion and I love the fact that I get to be a part of a community of women who work hard everyday to be strong in the gym and for their families!