My name is Josh Willins, and I am currently an enlisted member of the USMC, and have been for the past 2 years.  I currently live in Pensacola, Fl and will be finishing up my schooling at the end up Sept.
Previously, Ive worked both in IT Sales role as well as athletic personal trainer.  Certified through NASM and CrossFit, my first Level 1 cert through CrossFit was back in 2007, after years of working as a personal trainer.  I have helped 2 friends of mine open their own boxes and my love and passion for CrossFit has only grown since then.
My hobbies include any outdoor recreational activities such as snowboarding, surfing, ice climbing, rock climbing.  I was actively involved with the OCR events as they became big back in 2008, both a Spartan Race and Tough Mudder participant on many occasions including both the 1st Spartan Beast and the 1st Worlds Toughest Mudder.  Ive participated in several triathlons as well as marathons, and it was until 2013 that i decided to enlist in the military after years working in the corporate arena.
My most recent goal is to bring the sport of Crossfit and the programming methodology to my fellow enlisted as well as further their athletic performance and conditioning.