Jenelle Melendrez

When I met my husband in 2013, he had already been going to a Crossfit box for two years. He talked me into going for months but I had the same kind of opinions about it just like others did. I was scared and intimidated. I didn’t want to look like a man or be too muscular. I only wanted to be “toned”. Growing up my parents were always taking us out for long hikes and into high school, I was a cheerleader. I never really considered myself to be in shape but I have always been active. In college I went to a global gym and had no clue what I was doing. I ran the treadmill and took yoga classes. It was plain boring. So when my husband asked me to just come in and watch a class, I thought ‘well, why not?'. I fell in love within the first few months. I have heard so many people say this very same thing about Crossfit, but, it truly has changed my life. It has given me so much confidence in myself. I’m no longer this little girl who hides in her own shadow because she doesn’t want anyone looking at her. I don’t feel like I need to wear pounds of makeup or tease my hair and I live in my WOD Gear clothes! I used to go out and drink every weekend and I can honestly say that now I don’t drink at all. Once I started working out 3-4 times a week and making healthy changes with my eating habits, I couldn’t even stand the smell of liquor. It has been a challenge at times and there have been tears shed but I love it. I never thought that I could ever lift something heavy and put it overhead. And I absolutely love my muscles. At 28 years old, this is the best I have ever felt. I’m addicted. The Crossfit community is so great and so supportive. Just another reason to love it. My goals are to continue to become stronger than I was yesterday and to inspire others that working hard truly does pay off.