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Darcie Wiman

Competition has always seemed to run through my veins. I began competing power tumbling at the age of seven. Growing up in a small town, power tumbling wasn't offered through school, so I transitioned into competitive cheerleading. After I graduated high school, I switched to the coaching aspect of both of my previous sports.
Being out of my sports, I took a hard hit physically and mentally. I wasn't as driven as I had always been and I quickly got into the worst shape of my life. I had tried normal lifting programs, running countless miles and even belly dancing! It's wasn't until I found functional fitness April of 2015 that I felt at home! The functional fitness aspect was so appealing to me because it reaches to every fitness level! I have since began competing again and I'm hooked!  It is the closest thing I have found to my tumbling days and that feeling is addicting!

More important than the progress I was seeing in my body, was the amazing family that gained! My gym is my community and they're more than just friends. It is so wonderful to reach your breaking point and having someone right there, either suffering with you or cheering you on!

My dad always used to tell me and my siblings, "Kick ass, take names and show no mercy!" My brother and I have since shortened it to "Show no mercy." and we now have this on our inner biceps. This saying isn't meant to put others down or to not care for anyone. It's purpose is to serve as a reminder that you are always capable of more than you think you are. Never sell yourself short. Your best can always be better! Keep pushing!

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Competition history:
Dynamic Duo Challenge (9/2015): 3rd place (Scaled)
Tag Team Throwdown (11/2015): 3rd place (Scaled)
Upcoming: Barbell Battle 2016 Collinsville, IL