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Crystal Enatsu

Hi, my name is Crystal Enatsu and I'm a mom of 3 girls ages 2, 6, and 7! I was a full time elementary school teacher for 12 years until recently when I decided to stay home with my girls.

I started my Crossfit journey two months after having my second daughter in 2012. Before I found Crossfit, l was not very active at all and had only exercised in preparation for my wedding in 2007.

My first Crossfit workout kicked my butt and I could not even get out of my car when I drove home. But I was determined to become a stronger, more active version of myself...not only for my own health, but also as a role model for my girls. I've now been crossfitting five days a week for four years now and recently have adding more weightlifting to my workout schedule.

I would say the most challenging part of keeping an active lifestyle is finding the balance between the gym and my family. Many days I have my girls with me at the gym in the mornings, especially during the summer. It's such an awesome feeling when you hear your young kids cheering for you to keep going. My girls are also little crossfitters and participate in Crossfit kids classes 4 times a week in the afternoons. I love that Crossfit is a part of our family, and being active is such a normal thing for us. I love that my girls are not afraid to be strong and athletic!

I've participated in:
Tough Mudder SoCal Winter 2012
LA Fit Expo team competition 2016
Dynamite Duo partner competition 2016