Corina Powell

My name is and I am a teacher of middle school children and a member of Crossfit North Pasadena. I grew up playing sports and I loved being competitive but as a female I often felt criticized for being "too strong" or built "too muscular" and as a result, I shied away from heavy lifting. I went through adolescence, high school as well as college athletics wanting to be competitive but shying way from being strong and envying women who had a different body type than me. A few years out of college I discovered Crossfit and finally felt at home. Not only are women in Crossfit strong but they are constantly being encouraged to become stronger and better every time they step into the gym.Crossfit teaches women and little girls alike to embrace the beauty of a strong build and to push themselves beyond the limits of what they think they're capable of. I love trying to constantly improve myself and I love competing in order to test those improvements. In the future, I would love to keep growing as a competitor and one day become a coach so that I can help others find the joy in being strong.