Ben Davis

I was never the star athlete in high school but found fitness after joining the Army National Guard and competing in Tae Kwon Do in college.  I fought at the collegiate national level for Tae Kwon do and fell in love with competing.  The passion for competing lead me to start Crossfit at Bagram Airforce Base, Afghanistan with the Soldiers of my platoon in 2010.  I figured as the platoon leader I should be at least able to keep up. Starting Crossfit led me to my best Army Physical Fitness tests in my career, 4 perfect 300s in a row. 
After a couple years competing and coaching Crossfit in Cedar Rapids and Marion, Iowa, I have transitioned to weightlifting.  There is something fulfilling about spending so much time working to perfect the movements and finally hitting some big numbers.
My goals are to continue to get stronger and qualify for the American Open next year.