Ashley McClain

I am a 29yr old single STRONG female that is a full time Dental Hygienist. I started crossfit in 2010. I have always been into sports my whole life & finally found my "niche" once I graduated from college. The first few years I did not give my heart into crossfit but the past 2 years have changed my life. I found my "gym unicorns" as I call them. My girls that are there for you & push you. I have focused more on what & how I want to push myself in crossfit & oly lifting. I strive to be a motivator for others because I have a laundry list of AMAZING athletes that motivate me to push myself harder everyday. I come from an obese family; it has been a battle I have dealt with my whole life knowing that I do NOT want to turn into that. Recently I have lost 16lbs (which is ALOT for me) & I am leaning out & seeing muscles peaking out that have been hidden for so long. The past year I have had more of an interest in OLY lifting & I am happy to see myself getting stronger in those particular lifts. Crossfit has had such an amazing impact on my life the past years & I do not see myself doing anything else!
I am a strong, healthy, educated, fun loving female athlete, aunt, sister, daughter & friend. I am hope you will consider myself as an ambassador for your organization!