Our Mission as ambassadors is to connect our lifestyles together!
As a WOD Gear Brand Ambassador, you will BENEFIT from ...

  • Family support via network integration through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.
  • We provide a stage to share knowledge, educate one another, and celebrate many accomplishments.
  • You are given a platform to connect with other members in times of travel, competitions, meet and greets, etc.
  • Being on the front line of seeing what's coming out next before general public announcements.
  • There will be times where we will utilize our ambassadors to help with our research & development and market research/strategy.
  • We also utilize our ambassadors for some of our marketing material (photos, videos, web, etc.)
  • You get a baseline discount of 20% off all WOD Gear products.
  • Become a part of our Affiliate program and receive 15%commissions. You will have a unique website address that links customers to our WOD Gear Clothing Website.

Thank you for your interest in the WOD Gear Ambassador program.

Gabriel P. - WOD Gear Founder


At WOD Gear, We are Committed to you!! As a WOD Gear Brand Ambassador, we EXPECT...

  • That you be good of character (we care more about this than you having an awesome FRAN time).
  • We are a family of athletes in many different levels from different walks of life.
  • We celebrate all accomplishments - in sport AND life.
  • WOD Gear Clothing will be the ONLY apparel brand that you are an ambassador for.
  • You will be a voice of the WOD Gear brand to your local community.
  • Participate in our Purpose Over Profit program when opportunities arise.
  • You communicate WOD Gear via your social media outlets.
  • You stay active of the ambassador Facebook page.
  • Share and re-share excitement about our brand.
  • Re-share marketing material we put on our social media channels.
  • You keep us in the loop of your competition so we can celebrate you.
  • We want our ambassadors to be evangelists. We don't want you to just sell products. We want others to be excited about the way you live your life, and see how WOD Gear supports that lifestyle!

WOD Ambassadors