Alex Massad

"I would describe myself first and foremost as a nerd. I have spend the last decade in graduate school at the University of Virginia, Georgetown University, and Fuller Seminary to get into higher education. However, I am a nerd who loves to compete. I discovered my love of sports through high school football. Coming from Saudi Arabia I had no clue that a touchdown was six points, however by senior year I had made captain of the team and was preparing to play football in college. After a year of college football and two years of lacrosse at Trinity University in San Antonio TX, I was searching for something athletic that would continue to challenge me and to help me transition from a sports specific athlete to general fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In 2007 my friend suggested I try CrossFit. For the last nine years I have bounced around from training with a navy seal, boxing, and looking up various CrossFit workouts to do on my own. I finally joined a CrossFit box for the first time when I moved to Los Angeles in 2015. I currently coach at CrossFit Born With It and coach high school football and track and field at Maranatha high school all while trying to finish my PhD in religious studies at Fuller Theological Seminary.

I believe community is important. This is why I think CrossFit and the WODgear commnity are such great and unique places for people from different backgrounds and perspectives to come together and encourage one another to become better in all aspects of life. I am proud to be an ambassador for WODgear because Gabriel shares this perspective and encourages those he meets to become not only better athletes, but better people. I encourage those who are looking into this community to take a chance, make a commitment, and find new friends."