Alex Lacey

My name is Charles Alexander (Alex) Lacey
I have been Crossfititng for about 6 years. One of my good friend got me into it when I was in SAR school for the United States Navy, after that I was hooked and never looked back. I have been a coach for almost 5 years and have been able to coach at such gyms like 
Crossfit 757
Crossfit Conversion
Crossfit Clarksville
Crossfit Murray 
Racer Nation Crossfit is where I reside now.
Since the birth of my newborn son named Rider. my focus has changed a little bit from the Crossfit side. I am focusing more on Olympic weightlifting. My goal is to make it to University Nationals, and Qualify for the American Open in 2016 in the 85kg weight class. I am a full time student at Murray State University Majoring in OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administrations) 
I have been married for just over a year to my wife Brooke, she also is into the fitness she has been Crossfiting for almost 3 years. I love to spend time watching her gain strength and continuing to get better as an athlete.
In the next few months I have a few events I plan to attend as an Athlete and as a Judge 
Jan 1st Fitness Total (annual Crossfit total)
Jan 30th Buford Open (Olympic weightlifting meet)
Apr 9th Crossfit Clarksville Challenge 
Mar 18th Kentucky State Championship (Olympic weightlifting meet)
for the Kentucky State Championship I plan on breaking the State record for the Clean and jerk and Snatch along with the Total, those are my goals for that meet.
I have a long line of sports background, I wrestled from the time I was 4 years old and wrestled all the way up in to the Navy. I also played Football as a DB in High School, Played Golf, Soccer, Cross Country and Track and Field. I was never a strong kid growing up and was always small, so I get enjoyment now knowing that I can lift heavy weight and still have a small stature.
I love working with new and younger athletes, its a very rewarding to watch them grow in front of you and watch how one day they could not do a Pull-up and the next few months you are watching them do Bar Muscle ups. its a great thing that I love and its one reason I love coaching