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Our Story

The vision for WOD Gear Clothing Company began in 2010 with Gabriel Pelino.  Gabriel, a dreamer and entrepreneur, started his CrossFit journey, and like many others, fell in love with the workouts and the community.
From the personal attention from owner of CrossFit Pasadena and coaches, to the intimate sense of community, Gabriel became excited about CrossFit and the desire to launch an athletic clothing line, geared toward the "everyday athlete" was birthed and the journey began.
After months of research, Gabriel found a need for high quality and functional fitness apparel with excellent design that captures the energy of CrossFit and such types of work out regiments.  The team began to create concepts and visuals around the term “ WOD,” an acronym for workout of the day. After many conversations, dreams, long days and nights the movement was born!

WOD Gears strives to provide sleek, functional, and comfortable apparel to CrossFit and exercise aficionados in a global capacity, delivering exceptional customer service and attractive product, while advocating social causes. We want to make a positive impact within the CrossFit Community and make a global difference.


The WOD Gear name was chosen by the fact that the term “WOD: Work Out of the Day" is a universally known within the CrossFit community and will be immediately identifiable.


We want to build the peoples brand that supports our customers workout way of life!  We want to create a culture where people come first and their voices are heard. We want to be a positive force and influence within the Community and beyond! We feel that it is also important to invest in causes, outside of ourselves, that will impact lives around the world in a positive way and make a difference!