The RX Review - WOD Gear's Women's Crop Pants Get Two Thumbs Up

On my very first day of CrossFit—a fundamentals course—I wore a pair of shorts that still haunt me to this day. They were navy blue mesh shorts with an interior lining that came down to a little lower than mid-thigh. I’ve worn them before to do everything from rake the yard and read a book to take a walk and ride my bike. Despite having not worked out in them all that much, I really didn’t think they’d cause me many issues.

I was a wrong.

For skill work that evening, we did partner handstands, where you kick up your legs into the hands of another person. Not too brag but for my first day, my handstands were actually quite good (thanks, yoga!)—that is until my short legs shifted down and I looked like a was wearing adult pull-ups. Still, it was a short amount of time, and my partner—did I mention I was paired up with my coach?!?!—didn’t point and laugh. I figured I survived.






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